Can Taking A Shower Count For Wudhu?
Abu Eesa Niamatullah


This is really interesting. You probably have heard from different scholars that it's possible to jump into a swimming pool and make the intention for wudhu or ghusl and it's done. And the question itself is asking, what if a person was to just have your normal shower, it's a hot day and you just have a shower, will it count for wudhu? Well, there are two things I want to focus on here. Number one, whatever the opinion actually is, whether it counts or not, first of all, understand the importance of intention. If you have the intention of just cooling down, or going for a swim, or X, Y, Z, that would not count for anything. Whatever a person does, you'd have to have the intention, whether it's acceptable or not.

For example, having a shower and you're saying, "I intend through the shower to fulfill the conditions for wudhu because I'm going to pray afterwards," or whatever. Having that intention present is not something which is said verbally, it's just an idea, a belief and a direction that you're moving in that, "This is what I'm about to do now." Then that's something which would be required regardless. But the real question is, does that shower count for wudhu? The ulemaa, they discussed this in detail, and basically what I want to say is that if the reason for the ghusl, or the shower, is because you are wanting or needing to become pure from what we call al hadath al akbar, meaning that you are ritually impure from sexual relations, or from menses, or postpartum, after giving birth, after nifaas, as we say, and now you needed to make that obligatory ghusl to become pure, then in this case, if you make the intention for the wudhu afterwards, then it is not absolutely required.

Of course, it is a sunnah, a very strong sunnah of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam that whenever he would make a bath or a shower, he would do the actions of wudhu first and then he would then wash his entire body, the ghusl or the shower, and then the feet would be washed at the end. That is what is required as following the sunnah, but is it obligatory? No, if that shower is for that reason. However, if the reason for the shower was, for example, you're too warm or it's the ghusl for Jumu'ah, which is not obligatory, then we should avoid that because the ghusl for Jumu'ah is because of Jumu'ah and not because of actually purifying the body. The ghusl for cooling down, is for cooling down and not for purifying the body for tahara. Again, I repeat, if the ghusl or the shower was to become pure because of janaaba, menstruation or being sexually impure, then as long as you have the intention for wudhu, you will actually achieve wudhu and you do not need to do the actions of wudhu and Allah knows best.

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