How Can I Fit Qur'an into My Daily Life?
Yahya Ibrahim

The Qur'an should be a priority in our lives. But we all have other responsibilities and life often gets in the way... How can one commit to reading the Qur'an on a regular basis while also dealing with the busy schedules of daily life?

There are 3 things we need to look at, the first of them being that the Qur'an isn't something we should squeeze into our lives, but should be a priority..

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim gives us more tips and answers the question


This is a really difficult question. All of us, we have different professions, different careers. We have different things going on in our life. Some of us, our main focus is looking after our home and our children as well. I think it becomes really, really important to look at three important things. The first of them is that the Qur’aan isn't something we squeeze into our life, but it's there in our life and everything surrounds it. So, you begin with Qur’aan as being the default that I'm going to have a part of it and it should be, inshaAllah, in the morning. Allah mentions this to us in Surat Al-Isra [17:78] where he says, (Inna qur’aan-alFajri kaana mashhooda), The Qur’aan, that when you recite it after fajr, it is witnessed, it is honoring to Allah (subhanuha wa ta’aala).

Second is... So, (1) make the Qur’aan central. Second is… involve yourself with a study group, because it's easier to commit to something that is regular that other people know that you're committed to. The study group doesn't have to be friends or other people, but it could be you, your wife, you and your children, you and your husband- people that you know that you have a regular, scheduled time that you will recite the Qur’aan together as a family.

Number three, try to become an expert in the recitation of the Qur’aan by investing time, energy, and wealth in it. Bring a teacher to your home that you know each and every other day, you know, like three, four times a week they're going to come visit your home. You'll give them a small gift that they can benefit from, but the benefit that you will receive in your life as a commitment to the Qur’aan is much, much greater. Of course, there are also virtual options to that and I believe that it is something that is worthwhile and worth your investment.

The last thing that I want to say to you is, is recognize the enormity of the reward. The enormity of memorizing the Qur’aan is that you are from a person who is given shafa'a by Allah for others in your life. Allah will allow you to choose certain people that he indicates to you are worthy of intercession on the day of judgment. Number two is that it's honoring to your parents and those who helped you attain the Qur’aan. Number three is that when you recite the Qur’aan, every letter is a 10 hasanat, at the very least. So, alif, laam, meem is 30 hasanat, because of your intention to please Allah, and if you recite the Qur’aan with difficulty, it's doubled to that of a master of the Qur’aan, because you have struggled as well as recited. May Allah open our hearts to the book of Allah and make it the spring of our comfort. Allahuma ameen.




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