I Waste Time On Xbox During Ramadan, What Do I Do?
I Waste Time On Xbox During Ramadan, What Do I Do?
Yasir Qadhi

Video games, movies and other sources of entertainment can work as distractions from our hunger during Ramadan. But they are also a waste of time.

Learn how to make the most of the time we have in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives us some tips


My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the month of Ramadan is the month where we demonstrate to Allah our righteousness, our pious side. Now, no doubt, XBox and these types of things, they might be permissible, but they're not the best way to spend the days of Ramadan. The days of Ramadan are meant to be days of worship and ibadah. They're meant to demonstrate your piety and your taqwa, and it is mentioned, there are scholars of the past, when Ramadan would come, they would shut off everything. In fact, sometimes businessmen would lock their businesses and just spend their entire days and nights with family and with Ramadan, and in the masjids.

So, I understand that it's difficult to cut away 100%. Try your best, and if you cannot, then for sure minimize and make sure that you are spending a healthy amount of time with the Qur'aan. As long as you're showing Allah (subhanaha wa ta’aala) that you're way above average. You're doing what you don't do outside of the month. Make sure that you prioritize the religion and prioritize the book of Allah (subhanaha wa ta’aala). And you know, if it gets boring for you to do rituals all the time, so why don't you find something that is permissible, and there's not going to be any sin in it.

So the problem with movies, obviously, is that there's going to be things that are in there that are not appropriate, and that just goes against the purpose of Ramadan. Spend family time, spend time with your siblings, with your family. That's halal. That's permissible. Speak with them. Do things that will have no sin, and, in fact, can become actions of worship that will be better for you.

Be productive in Ramadan and establish a habit of virtue and of piety, and work your way higher and higher. And if you fall into something of this nature, just ask Allah for forgiveness and do a little bit of extra Qur'aan, so that you show Allah (subhanaha wa ta’aala) you're trying your best.




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