Why Is Allah Not Sending His Help To Those In Need - Syria/Palestine? Is Allah Unaware Of Their Suffering?
Yahya Ibrahim

There are numerous important issues attached to this question. We need to be 100% sure Allah is aware of all people.We know the example and suffering of bani Isreal under Phaorah, even with two prophets present their suffering was immense and severe. The two prophets were Musa and Haroon عليه السلام.

Tyranny is not always a sign of Allah's wrath sometimes it is cleansing of our sins collectively and individually. A young child dying in a war-zone is sometimes freedom from the toil and hardship that refugees and displaced people have to endure if they had lived. In that there is mercy of Allah, make sure you look at this from your heart and not just from your eyes.

We also have to question ourselves. Have we done the best we can to bring an end to this, how strong is our duas for the oppressed, what other actions have we taken?

Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim answers and explains...

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